Milestone's of the Prague Thrift Store

Since the grand opening - in 2010, Prague Thrift Store has achieved many of our goals. Both charitable and in terms of organization sustainability. In the article below, you can learn more about the charitable works and milestones we've accomplished to date...

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Recycle vs. Reuse

For many of us, the terms “reuse” and “recycle” sounds pretty much the same.  However, the terms have very different meanings from environment protection standpoint.

The term reuse, means you utilize a product in its original form (maybe some repairs) While recycle means to destroy the item down to its component and later use it to produce new items.

Reuse and Recycle in comparison looks like recycling does have couple of major downsides:

• Further energy needed to transport and process the recyclable materials.

• Most processes required for recycling (plastic) are highly polluting the environment.

Sadly, recycling involves the use of additional energy and the cost of additional expenses to reconvert the old items into a new one.  Meanwhile, if you looking at reusing items, there is no further energy or resource being used. No pollution or minimal pollution occurs.  

When you to think of creative ways to reuse old items - you are saving the world.

By donating reusable items to the thrift store you are saving the world and enabling us to achieve charitable goals. Before you think of recycling, think of reusing your or someone else’s unwanted stuff.

This is how you make your contributions to the planet’s well being while helping others in need.


Prague Thrift Store Benefit Gala & Fashion Show 2014

On Tuesday, March 11th, 2014, the Prague Thrift Store will be hosting their 3rd Annual Anniversary Charity Gala at the trendy Solidni Jistota club and restaurant (Pštrossova 200/21, 110 00 Prague,, and YOU are invited!

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Prague Thrift Store visits Azylovy Dum with the Girls Scouts

How children learn the happiness of giving?

Your child can learn early on - the miraculous happiness of giving to others.  Prepare your gift and visit Azylovy Dum with the USA Girl Scouts Overseas on December 16th in Kladno.

Prague Thrift Store has received a very generous offer from the USA Girl Scouts Overseas Troop #45005 for our patronage the Mothers Shelter – Azylovy Dum. The group of children would like to meet with the charitable world. Will hand out present and play art&carft  with the children in the shelter.

Already 10 volunteer children have assigned for the visit and another 15 children may sign up too.

In Kladno there are 14 boys and 11 girls in the mothers shelter now. So The age range in shelter is from 7 months to 14 years old. But mostly 3-6 years.  The List is available. The visit will be on the 16th of December Sunday. First the children would meet then handing over gifts and after a craft and art session will take place.

Parents would be required to provide transportation for their children. The shelter is in Kladno.

Please send your email to Barbara on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 608 623 339



New York Times Article about Prague Thrift Store

The Prague Thrift Store oin The New York Times

Fiona Gaze, the famous writer and reporter publishes a lovely article about The Prague Thrift Store in the New York Times

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